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My Little Studio

Children are gifted with extraordinary gifts: their unlimited imaginations and their capacities for innovations. Being creative allows one to be more flexible, to become a better problem solver, to anticipate new challenges and to develop soft skills.



Experimenting different techniques according to different subject and understanding fundamental theory of colours. At studio, the students will use high-qualilty materials to paint and draw



Exploring new possibilities with colours and their composition to illustrate and express students' ideas. Creating custom colour palettes according to the theme and subjects.



Introducing architecture and urban spaces to children. Becoming aware of the three dimensional space and volume.

My Little Studio_ Atelier d'art et de design pour les enfants


Observing the nature and the light, taking important notes on a sketchbook, drawing landscape spontaneously. Nature is our best teacher !

My Little Studio Carnet de Dessin


Sketchbook is a personal tool to record thinking process, to take visual notes, and to explore ideas. It's not an exercise books. For children, sketchbooks should be fun, enjoyable, free, bursting with visual goodness and prompts. A visual diary of ideas and experimentation. 



Bringing experiences and emotions to life through drawing storytelling. Storytelling is one of the many communication strategies.

Meet the tutor


Hello! My name is Femmy Priscillya. I am an architectural designer and an artist based in Ferney-Voltaire France a few steps from Geneva Switzerland. For more than six years I was working as an Architect in Singapore and Malaysia. My background has allowed me to evolve in the following areas: architecture, graphic design, and illustrations. At the present, I make art and freelance design projects. I love to explore colours, compositions, and their relationships in my little studio to expand my skills and porfolio that I share on my Instagram as well as my website

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